When my wifes mother passed away, we dreaded the thought of hiring an attorney. We had no prior experience of working with an attorney. I can honestly say that Mr. Donaldson is the attorney that you are praying for. His final bill was no more than his initial quote. Mr Donaldson is professional, honest, fast, and affordable. Hire him you won’t be sorry.

Not only is Scott incredibly hard working and intelligent, he is a phenomenal human being worthy of trust. Scott tackles each task with enthusiasm and grit, and he has always proven to be successful in competitive endeavors. Words don’t adequately describe the type of person he is, and I am lucky to have gotten to know Scott and see what it means to be a person of his character.


I worked with Scott as a Deputy Sheriff for about 5 years at and I can honestly say he is a class act. His passion and dedication for whatever endeavor he takes on is admirable. Scott always got the job done. He earned awards and promotions because of it. He is the man for any job.


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Donaldson for approximately 8 years in the capacity of deputy sheriff, lieutenant & friend. He has been a mentor of mine and a valuable resource for information and guidance. He served as the prime example of what an honorable person could accomplish when serving with honesty and integrity.


As a colleague, I have gotten to know Scott and his family this past year and found him to be personable, competent, and knowledgeable. He adds value to our profession.


I reached out to Mr. Donaldson for estate advice because my wife had no will and even tho he didn’t need to he helped me without charging me which I am grateful for. His estate advice was right on the money. Thank Mr Donaldson, thank you very much!