Every person here has worked hard to build something – a family, a business, a legacy. And with all that hard work comes the need to protect it. That’s where our reliable Wilmington Estate Planning Attorney comes in, guiding residents in ensuring their story continues the way they envision. For those who have yet to embark on this crucial journey, now is the time. Secure your legacy and give your loved ones peace of mind. Ready to get started? Donaldson Law PLLC is here to help.

What Does An Estate Planning Attorney Do?

Estate planning is a way of preparing for the future. Think of it like a roadmap for your family and belongings in case of incapacitation or after death. But it’s not just about papers and legal stuff. It’s a way to ensure your family doesn’t have to worry or guess what you wanted. Instead, everything is clear and set out for them.

Scott Donaldson, based in Wilmington, simplifies the idea: “I help people make plans for the unexpected and make sure their wishes are followed.” When you sit down with him or any estate planning attorney, they’re there to guide you. They listen to your stories, understand your goals, and help you craft a plan that reflects your wishes.

By working with an estate planning attorney, you’re not just planning for the ‘what ifs.’ You’re giving yourself and your family peace of mind. It’s about making decisions today so your loved ones have a clearer tomorrow.

Estate Planning Services in Wilmington, North Carolina

Donaldson Law PLLC is more than a law firm. It’s a place where people come first. Here, everyone’s needs are understood, and they get solutions that fit just right. It’s not just about legal work; it’s about caring for our community.


A will isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a guiding light for the future. This document ensures that, even in challenging times, your assets go to the people you’ve chosen. It represents your voice, your choices, and your wishes. A well-crafted will provides clarity and direction, making sure your legacy lives on in the way you’ve always envisioned.


Trusts offer a unique way to manage and protect assets. More than just legal tools, they allow you to set specific conditions about how and when your assets will be distributed. Trusts are like tailored plans that capture your intentions, making sure your resources support the right individuals at just the right moments. Whether it’s for education, support, or any other purpose, trusts give you the control and assurance you need.

Gun Trusts

For those who are passionate about firearms, gun trusts are more than just paperwork. They’re a way to ensure that firearms are handled, transferred, and owned responsibly. These trusts provide a clear path for ownership, addressing all legal requirements and giving peace of mind to firearm owners and their families.


Losing a loved one is hard, and dealing with the legalities afterward can add to the stress. That’s where our probate services come in. We focus on making this process as smooth as possible. Guiding families through the steps, making sure assets go where they’re meant to, and reducing the chances of disagreements or conflicts.

Medicaid Planning

Getting older has its ups and downs. One challenge many face is figuring out healthcare costs. Medicaid planning is all about thinking ahead. It’s about setting things up so you can get good healthcare without breaking the bank. With the right planning and advice, you can navigate the complex world of Medicaid and ensure you’re set for the future.


Everyone deserves to be safe and well-cared for, whether it’s a child or an adult who can’t make decisions on their own. Setting up guardianship means making sure that someone responsible and loving is there to look out for them. It’s about providing protection and ensuring that their daily needs and well-being are taken care of.

Special Needs Planning

When it comes to individuals with special needs, planning goes beyond just money. It’s about crafting a roadmap for a fulfilling life, one where care, respect, and opportunities are abundant. Special needs planning is a commitment to ensuring loved ones have the resources, support, and environments they need to thrive.

Business Succession

Every business owner pours heart and soul into their venture. But what happens to the business when they’re no longer around? Business succession planning is about making sure that the business you built keeps going strong. It’s about setting up the next chapter, ensuring that the legacy of hard work and passion continues and the business remains in capable hands.

When it comes to planning for the future and safeguarding what matters most, Donaldson Law PLLC is here for you. With Scott Donaldson at the helm, you’re in trusted hands.

Who Needs an Estate Plan in Wilmington, NC?

Having an estate plan in place is crucial for anyone who wants to safeguard their assets and ensure their wishes are respected if they’re no longer able to communicate them. It’s not just for the wealthy; it’s for anyone who wants clarity for their loved ones. Here’s why various individuals might consider it:

  • Homeowners – To distribute real estate and other property according to your wishes
  • Parents – To appoint guardians for minor children and distribute assets
  • Singles – To ensure assets go to chosen beneficiaries and appoint someone to handle finances if disabled
  • Seniors – To manage long-term care and Medicaid planning
  • Business owners – To successfully transfer a business to heirs and protect the company
  • Blended families – To provide for all children, spouses, and beneficiaries fairly
  • Pet owners – To plan for the care of pets
  • Any adult – To give loved ones peace of mind and ensure wishes are honored

While estate planning is important at any age, it becomes especially critical after major life events such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, retirement, or diagnosis of a serious medical condition.

Find an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney in Wilmington

Behind every service at Donaldson Law PLLC is Scott Donaldson’s unwavering commitment. His blend of youthful enthusiasm and knowledge offers a fresh perspective in a field that often feels impersonal. Every call, meeting, or consultation is a step towards forging a bond built on trust and mutual respect. His varied life experiences enable him to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds, making them feel understood and valued.

When it comes to estate planning in Wilmington, Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick counties, choose more than just an attorney. Choose a partner in your journey. Choose transparency, personal touch, and unmatched dedication. Choose Donaldson Law PLLC because your legacy is a story worth telling right.

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